Swing gates

Swing gates swing open like the door to your bedroom simply opening inward or outward. A swing arm operator, which is a box, that sits off to the side and has an arm extending to the gate. A ram arm is located on the gate and the post uses a jackscrew-operated piston to open and close the gate.


Swing Gates - Products Features

Swing Gates

  • Wide range of models available for gates spanning from 3m to 10m.
  • Suitable for industrial & domestic use.
  • Easy manual override in case of power failure.
  • For safety auto stop & auto reverse facility available.
  • Zero Maintenance & reliable performance
  • Complete indian product.
  • 12 months Replacement warranty.
  • All related works including Civil & electrical works can be undertaken.
  • Existing gates can also be automatized.



  • mobile phone access,
  • remote control access,
  • keypad access,
  • pushbutton access,
  • Movement sensor access
  • Automatic closing, etc.


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